There are several ways to get to Oze National Park. This document covers some of the more popular.

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Express bus

From Gunma side

 Oze express bus (Shinjuku Station – Oze)

  • Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal 6:35 – Ooshimizu 11:10
  • Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal 7:15 – Ooshimizu 11:25
  • Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal 22:00 – Ooshimizu 3:50 *
  • Ooshimizu 13:10 – Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal 17:45
  • (Oze Tokura 14:30 – Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal 18:45)
  • Oozhimizu 15:10 – Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal 19:30
  • Service Period in 2017 : May 20 to October 15 (* = May 19 to October 14)
    Fare : 3,800 – 4,100 yen for one way
    Ticket is required to be purchased prior the depature.
    Look at >>Kan-etsu Transportation website for detailed information.

A train + bus

From Gunma side

  • JR Tokyo Station -Jouetsu Shinkansen 1h 20min- Jomokogen station
    fare: One way 5,240 yen >>JR-East website
  • JR Ueno Station -Jouetsu Line 2h 30min (fastest course)- Numata Station
    fare: One way 2,520 yen (+ express fare) >>JR-East website
  • Jomokogen Station -local bus 1h 50min- Tokura -local bus 15min- Ooshimizu
    fare: One way 2,600 yen >>Kan-etsu Transportation website
  • Numata Station -local bus 1h 35min- Tokura - local bus 15min- Ooshimizu
    fare: One way 2,200 yen >>Kan-etsu Transportation website
  • Tokura -shuttle bus 20min- Hatomachitoge Pass
    fare: One way 900 yen >>Kan-etsu Transportation website

From Fukushima side

  • Tobu Asakusa Station -Tobu Railway 2h 40min- Aizukougen Station
    fare: One way 2,540 yen (+ limited express fare) >>Tobu Railway time schedule
  • Aizukougen Station -local bus 2h 20min - Numayamatoge Pass
    fare: One way 2,300 yen >>Aizu Bus website

A car

From Gunma side

  • Kan-etsu Expressway / Numata I.C - R 120 in the direction of Nikkou
    - Turn left at the Kamata traffic light for Tokura – R 401 - Tokura
  • Tokura parking (530 parking available, 1000yen/day)
  • Shuttle Bus from Tokura to each trailhead
    -30 min, 900 yen to Hatomachitoge Pass (60 parking available, 2500yen/day)
    * Be aware of private car use regulations to Hatomachitoge Pass
    -15 min, 610 yen to Ooshimizu (240 parking available, 500yen/day)
    -20 min, 400 yen to Fujimishita (30 parking available, no charge)

From Fukushima side

  • Tohoku Expressway / Nishinasuno I.C - R 400 - R 352 - Hinoemata Village - Miike
  • Miike parking (420 parking available, 1000yen/park)
  • Shuttle bus from Miike to Numayamatoge Pass
    -30 min, 500 yen for one way

A Local Bus

From Nikko area to Gunma side of Oze area

 Visiting Nikko area and Oze National Park in one trip!

  • Tobu Nikko Staion -1h 15min- Yumoto Onsen -1h 05min- Kamata -20min- Hatomachitoge Bus Renrakujo (Oze Tokura)
    Fare : approx. 2,000~3,700 yen for one way depending on the bording section
    Look at >>Kan-etsu Transportation website for more detailed information