Reservation & Contact

In 2021, we open :
Chozo Hut Ozenumahan - 5/29 Sat. through 10/17 Sun.
DAI-NI Chozo Hut Ozegahara - 5/29 Sat. through 10/10 Sun.
* In April and early May all of the National Park is under the snow,
   and the passes and the mountains are covered by the snow til late June/early July.
   Also, new winter season comes in early October.
   Be prepared for severe seasonal conditions.

*** In response to the COVID-19 (2021) ***
>> Room Allocation
◎ Chozo Hut Ozenumahan
* Group of 2+ people : private room
* Solo guest : domitory room with other guests not more than half of the number of beds
◎ DAI-NI Chozo Hut Ozegahara
* All guests, including a group of 2+ people and a solo guest : private room
   >> A solo guest will be required 1,000yen extra fee for private room allocation.

>> Essential Equipment
* Mask : bring your own and wear it while staying in the hut.
* Travel liner/sheets or Sleeping bag : please bring and use to avoid direct contact to hut's bedding. If not have one, you can buy at the hut (1,000yen tax included).

>> Our facility will also be implementing the following measures :
* We will be promoting proper sanitation.
* The staff will be wearing masks as a precautionary measure (and we request you to also wear it while staying in the hut).
* We may ask on your check-in details about your current health condition and may refuse accommodation based on it, regardless of your reservations status.

>> Attention
* When you have symptoms such as a fever or cough and/or feel not well, please refrain from entering the Oze National Park, but stay at home/hotel and rest your body. You have no access to the medical care inside the Park, and you must walk out on foot to get to any transportation. There will be no charge for booking cancelation in such a case.

THANK YOU for your understanding and cooperation.

You can make a reservation by completing the form below by 5:00 p.m. two days prior to your arrival. (or Fax: +81-278-58-7101)
For example, if you would like to stay with us on the night of May 20, you must submit your form no later than 5:00 p.m. on May 18.
After the form submitting deadline has passed, call us at +81-278-58-7100 (Japanese speaking only) to make your reservation.
Once we receive your reservation inquiry form, we will send you a confirmation email within the next two business days.
Please make a payment on your arrival IN CASH.
No credit/debit card nor any mobile payment is acceptable.


with dinner and breakfast (tax included)
Adult 9,500yen per night
Children of 6 to 12 years old 7,000yen
Children under 5 years old 4,000yen
Lunch pack (Rice balls and side dish):700 yen(Tax included)
Heating surcharge (Cold season only: April to June, September to November): 100yen


To cancel your reservation, send an email to, letting us know you would be fine in safe on your scheduled arrival day somewhere inside/outside of the National Park. Otherwise, we would go out into dark woods and mountains looking for you might be in lost or trapped by some bad accident etc. By giving us a cancellation email, you would also help us avoid wasting foods which come with much more costs and energy use in mountains, where we have no vechile access. We would greatfully appreciate such your cooporation.
If you cancel:

  • Before 3 days prior to your scheduled arrival, no charge is required
  • 2 days prior to〜on the day of your scheduled arrival, 40% of lodging charges is required
  • Without notification, 100% of lodging charges is required

Reservation Inquiry Form

Our response to your inquiry will be sent from
Please check your spam/junk mail setting and have your account be able to receive email from
Also, check your spam/junk folder, if you do not receive a response email from us.


Chozo Hut Ozenumahan
DAI-NI Chozo Hut Ozegahara