”DAI-NI Chozo Hut” Ozegahara

"DAI-NI Chozo Hut"

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In Japanese, "dai-ni" means the second, or number two. So, this is the second Chozo Hut. It's located in the central part of Oze, at the crossroads of the Ozegahara marshland. It's simple and clean, with room for 70 guests.
Its warm interior heals the fatigue of a rigorous wilderness journey, and prepares guests for further adventure, including climbs up Mt.Hiuchigatake and Mt.Shibutsu. It provides a convenient departure point for trips to both Hiraname and Sanjou falls, as well.
Gest room
* Access: On foot, it takes 3 hours from Chozo Hut, Hatomachi Pass, and Miike;
   and 3.5 hours from Numayama Pass.
* Capacity: about 70 persons
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Sightseeing spots


Ozegahara is a high altitude marshland in Oze National Park. The Japanese word "hara" means field in general, but in this case specifically marshland. Ozegahara is famous for its wide variety of plants, including those mentioned below.
Skunk cabbage is a hallmark of spring, golden colors burst forth in autumn, and the beauty of all four seasons grace the expansive meadow and rolling hillsides of Ozegahara. The Japan Visitor Guide says Oze "is renowned for its vistas of wild flowers and majestic mountain scenery" and "a spectacular example of what beauty nature can produce with fire and brimstone. Lava from an eruption of nearby Mt.Hiuchigatake dammed the Tadamigawa River creating the marshlands."
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Hiraname Falls, 70 meters (230 feet) across and 500 meters (1,640 feet) high, slides gracefully down the one-plate rock bed of the Tadami River. Cascading white water over the rock slope provides a striking contrast to the dark green foliage beside the river. Sanjo Falls, one of the biggest falls in Japan, lies farther downstream, and various smaller falls appear almost from nowhere as hikers stroll through the wonders of Oze.


One of the hightest altitude marshland in the Oze National Park. Wonderful view of Mt.Hiuchigatake and Mt.Shibutsu, and in good weather condition even Mt.Fuji faraway.