Chozo Hut Ozenumahan

"Chozo Hut"

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Ozenumahan  ”Chozo Hut”
Chozo Hut is located beside Lake Ozenuma. Its name in Japanese is Chozo Goya, with "goya" meaning hut. By itself, the word for hut in Japanese is "koya," but it becomes "goya" when following Chozo for easier pronunciation.
To most westerners, the word hut conjures images of a ramshackle dwelling on the shore of a distant island. In this case, however, a more fitting image is of a mountain lodge. We call it a hut instead of a lodge because, in Japan, the word "lodge" connotes a higher level of luxury.
Gest room
Chozo Goya is very big with room for 180 guests, and includes modern amenities such as toilets with bidets, popularly known as "washlets". The main Chozo Hut building was built in 1934, and has been popular with nature lovers ever since. It rests below a shingle roof, and connects its many rooms with shiny black corridors. Relaxation is its main personality trait. From the hut, guests enjoy an immediate view of the lake and marsh area, filled with alpine plants and flowers.
Morning fog motivates photographers to rise before the sun to capture the mysterious mist before it disappears into the day.
* Access: On foot, it takes 1 hour from Numayama Pass, 3 hours from Ooshimizu, and
   3 hours from Ozegahara/Daini Chozo Hut.
* Capacity: about 180 persons

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Chozo Hut Bekkan

This addition to the original hut was completed in 1999, and is made mostly from materials salvaged from old local houses and railroad ties. The first floor offers light meals such as pizza and beverages such as coffee and tea beside a fireplace. The second floor offers room for staying.
Chozo Hut Bekkan
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Souvenir Shop

There is a cafeteria and a gift shop near Chozo Hut, and also one at Numajiri, the opposite shore of the Lake Ozenuma. The shops offer drinks and snacks including warm menu items like noodles and curry rice, and souvenirs such as original T-shirts, bandanas, postcards, and key chains etc.
Souvenir shops
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Sightseeing spots


Ozenuma is a lake six kilometers (3.7 miles) in circumference that was created by the eruption of Mt. Hiuchigadake. A boardwalk extends around the entire perimeter, guiding hikers on leisurely 2 to 3 hour stroll with breathtaking views of the lake.
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A large marshland nearby the Lake Ozenuma, which is slightly and gradually getting bigger, turned from lake into marsh as yet now. Famous for gregarious white cotton grasses in June and yellow alpin lilies in July, the marsh is full of colors troughout season with all kinds of alpine flowers such as pink Iwakagami (Schizocodon soldanelloides), red-orenge Japanese azaleas, purple gentians and etc.
Ooegawa Shitsugen
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